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Complaint Details:                                                                                 DR.LOMESHKUMAR THAKORE,
Plot no .:2 , Gayatrinagar society,
Near valia- jhagadiya chokdi,
VALIA   (pin- 393135)
Dist: Bharuch
Date: 17  /  05 / 2012

To, The  Director
The Concerned Department,
India Today Group
New Delhi

Sub:  Regarding  cheating done by Bagittoday  ( India Today Group )
New Delhi


On 27th April I received a call at 11:23 AM from Riya (mobile no. 12047917200) of BAG IT TODAY that my name was selected as a Cash prize winner of Rs. 100,000 / – for that I have to pay Rs. 20000 / – by credit card . As I was not having credit card at that moment she asked me to pay by net banking. But when I failed to pay by net banking she asked me my debit card details, for which I refused. Then she gave me ultimatum that I will be disqualified for the cash prize. For which I argued that why I should pay such amount in advance for which she answered that it is for the insurance & TDS of the additional gifts (diamonds, LCD TV, etc.). As I was in office hurriedly & trusting such a big group and I gave all the details including card no. c v no. and even password for which amount of Rs. 19999 / – was deducted from my account. Again she called me at 12:13 PM and congratulated that I have been selected for confirmed prize of Rs. 500,000/- and that I was in 4th position at India level and can still have a chance to win Rs. 10,00,000/- and an unique id no was also given to me and was told not to disclose . Then she asked me to pay Rs.54, 000/- for the insurance fee of real natural diamonds that I will receive within 2-7 days. She also told that the diamonds I was going to receive were real natural diamonds worth Rs. 1, 20,000/-and that if I had any doubt an executive will come to my place and he will take me to the authorized shop where I will be paid Rs. 1, 20,000 /- .For which I again trusted and gave my another debit card details including card no., c v no. and password.   After that amount of Rs.29999/- + Rs.19999 =Rs.49998/- was deducted from my account. That is Total Amount of Rs.69997/- was deducted from both of my accounts. I got confirmation from HDFC  and BOB that the payment of Rs. 69997/- was deposited  in the account of India today group also  I received an email suggesting my order details  (id no: 1017452876 , 1017452823 , 1017452193 )on the contrary I have not   ordered any diamonds, LCD TV , mobile , sunglasses wrist watch or reebokbag. I was told that these are the additional gifts beyond my cash prize of Rs. 500,000/-. For which I consulted  BAGITTODAY  customer care no .1204112424 on 27thApril  at 4:42 PM  and told whether I have won any cash prize of Rs. 500,000/- giving my three id\’s. They denied and told that I have ordered diamonds worth Rs.120000/- , Panasonic    LCD TV , 2 micro max mobiles, wrist watch, Reebok bag etc. and not selected for any cash prize . For which I told to cancel my order and immediately deposit amount of Rs.69997/- in my account no. 00681000051207 , for which she  denied and told that now it is not possible to cancel the order. Again on 28th April at 4:11 PM I received a call from Naina Dixit and she congratulated for being selected for the confirmed cash prize of Rs. 10,00,000/- and for that I have to pay again an amount of Rs. 49999/-  for which I refused and told to cancel my order and if not then I have to appeal in the consumers’ court . For which she gave the phone to Ragini Sharma to clear my confusion, but I repeated the same, for which they disconnected the phone. Again I contacted  BAGITTODAY  customer care no. 1204112424 and talked with Mr .INDERKUMAR and requested to cancel my order which I have not placed and to deposit my amount of Rs .69997/- for which he refused and told that it is not possible to do so. On 30th April 2012 , at 3:18 PM I received an E-mail from response @ bagittoday Mr. Abhishek  Mishra stating that if I want to cancel the order , I may refuse the acceptance of the parcel once it arrives at my doorstep.  So I refused on phone the blue dart courier (Ankleshwar) to receive any parcel on 4/5/2012 , and returned the parcel.

Again when I contacted customer care no. 1204112424 of bagittoday, they denied that you cannot cancel the order and that my money won’t be refunded back once order has been placed. So I  had to receive 3 parcels which I have not ordered  . The 12 diamonds when I showed to my cousin who himself is a diamond expert in surat , he told me that they are not even worth Rs. 15,000 / , whereas you have written in your ad that diamonds are worth Rs. 1,20,000/- i.e. even less than 50% price i.e. very substandard. Even the watch is not in working condition and all other items are also substandard. I was told these are free gifts on the contrary I paid Rs. 70,000/- for substandard items that I never ordered. For such a fraud I am going to appeal in the court of law and soon you will receive the notice from my lawyer for the same. I don’t agree with your replacement items and refuse for any kind of resolution made by your team without properly discussing with me.

So I and my family have been mentally harassed and disturbed. For that I want my prize money (Rs. 500,000/-    + compensation + my deducted amount Rs. 70,000 + mental harrasment + interest = Total amounting to Rs. 700,000 /- . I have sufficient proof to prove that bagittoday have cheated me.

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